How much does it cost to hire software developers in Eastern Europe in 2022?

The Czech Republic ranks as the 6th most comfortable country for startups in Europe. It has a pleasant environment and government support that helps young companies develop and grow into big corporations. Czech startups mainly focus on SaaS, mobile, and web software development.

One of the main reasons for this exponential growth depends on the high investments of the country in its tech education systems. Thanks to investments in tech education and masterclasses, Eastern European programmers excel in competitive coding. As we mentioned initially, after solid university education, programmers in Eastern Europe can rely on several programs, such as Lviv IT School, and tech hubs, to update their skills. As a result, developers from Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Moldova often excel in coding competitions. In platforms like Hackerrank and TopCoder, Eastern European programmers have the best ranking for web development and custom software development. Services of the highest caliber, with a favorable time zone difference and fewer cultural differences.

Over the past eight years, we have worked on hundreds of different projects.

If you represent a business in one of them, you should contact us to discuss what types of software you are interested in or what challenges you want to overcome. Our team will offer you possible solutions and assist you in developing the right software that will help your company grow exponentially, boost client satisfaction, and drive bigger revenue. Ciklum is known for building solutions that have proven market value and for enhancing digitally immature products. In addition to their exceptional tech expertise, they also offer robust digital consulting services aligned to each specific business goal. This outsourcing service provider has over 3,500 professionals who build tailored digital solutions and boost the adoption of the latest tech innovations. Among their clients, it’s possible to name Just Eat, Metro, Flixbus, Mercedes Pay, EFG International, Zurich Insurance, Lottoland, and many more.

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If training is required, please take this into account when we are doing the onboarding of your Javascript developers. Lastly, if licenses are required, please make sure to procure licenses of the software in question for the developer. For QA, we perform free QA smoke test on your Javascript application. For CS, we also have resources available to do the CS of your Javascript application. We have engineering centers in different tech hubs across Central and Eastern Europe, the USA, Mexico, and India. Each JavaScript developer gets a fully-equipped workstation and all the necessary software.

How do I hire a JavaScript developer?

We blend the expertise of our dedicated Javascript developers with the experience and knwoledge of cross-domain solution architects to deliver the best possible results for your business objectives. We learn about your business objectives, research and recommend the best available solution, keep a centralized knowledge base & deliver high-quality results using the top talent available worldwide. Eastern European countries boast stellar higher education, with a literacy rate of  98,99%. For example, in Poland, over 22k students graduated in engineering, according to Statista. Quite a lot of IT companies have been founded by people from Eastern and Central Europe.

  • Encourage candidates to showcase their previous work and demonstrate their abilities.
  • They possess strong domain expertise and a big number of engineering talent who can share their best skills and practices for creating impeccable solutions.
  • It is estimated that around 57,000 Ukrainian software developers relocated to the neighboring countries.
  • Also, the Slovak IT sector has over 92% of professionals who are fluent English speakers.
  • You can work with an experienced development team on a project or dedicated team basis.
  • However, when it comes to Eastern European programmers, there are other elements to consider.
  • They are very flexible, providing a team of developers on short notice and scaling the size as needed.

There are over 1 million developers in Eastern Europe, with Ukraine, Poland, and Moldova accounting for 600k of those IT professionals. You can find developers with more popular languages like Python and JavaScript here. But then, if you are looking for more rare expertise like C++, Eastern Europe is a great place to find those. With such a high quality of service, you would think everyone would be hiring developers from eastern Europe, but wait, there is more. Once you have selected suitable candidates, it’s essential to have a smooth onboarding process.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Dedicated Development Team in Eastern Europe

Developers in tech centers like Switzerland, the US, the UK, and France have higher salaries for JavaScript developers. On average, a developer gets $83,311 per year or $29.82 hourly as per PayScale. If you count on us, Reintech can help your developer to start working in 30 – 60-days. JQuery reduces development barriers by providing a collection of plugins, shortcuts, and related resources. As a result, your developer should know how to use the jQuery library to ensure development success.

hire javascript developers eastern europe

They also provide­ services like app care­ 360 for ongoing support and maintenance. Scalefocus se­rves clients in industries such as he­althcare, fintech, insurance­, energy and utilities, logistics, as we­ll as e-commerce and re­tail. Aloa, an expert in software outsourcing, recognizes the challenges and lends a helping hand to startups. Aloa helps bridge the gap between startups and talented software developers Eastern European countries. To onboard professional JS developers for small- and large-scale projects, reach out to ELITEX. You can work with an experienced development team on a project or dedicated team basis.

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With a roster of services, including mobile app development, experience design, and intelligent automation, they are at the forefront of innovative solutions. This trusted partner specializes in engineering blockchain solutions, cloud enablement, and intelligent digital assistants, ensuring that businesses modernize and thrive. AnyforSoft is a digital deve­lopment company that specializes in cre­ating advanced technical solutions designe­d specifically for your industry. They offer a wide­ range of services, including e­nd-to-end developme­nt, team extension, and innovative­ digital strategies that help your busine­ss thrive. Roweb is a software­ development se­rvice that focuses on creating we­b, desktop, and mobile applications, as well as scalable­ websites. They also provide­ custom online portals and Magento e-Comme­rce solutions.

Include specific skills related to the technologies and tools used in your organization. Emphasize the importance of attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and the ability to meet deadlines. During the interview stage, it’s vital to gauge the proficiency of developers by focusing on their technical skills and asking relevant questions. Inquiring about their previous projects, programming languages, and problem-solving methodologies might give you a good idea of their capabilities. The surge of highly skilled developers Eastern Europe has caught the attention of businesses worldwide. Opting for developers Eastern Europe means access to a diverse talent pool equipped with robust technical knowledge and a proven track record of success.

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Adopting a culture of empowerment helps create a setting where employees are granted authority and power to exercise their discretion and take ownership of their work. When your remote staff feel valued and see why their work matters, they are more javascript developer salary inclined to deliver high-quality results. Tech sourcing platforms like HackerRank, Codility, or Devskiller offer online coding assessments that allow you to interview candidates for all sorts of mobile, web, and software development roles.

hire javascript developers eastern europe

Eastern European programmers have been ranking top 10 in the world’s best developers list for quite some time now. As they provide the highest quality service to many companies in the States and Western Europe, it has often been called an offshore software development paradise. Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Poland proudly reside in the top 10 of the European countries’ IT ranking.

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Such business expertise helps to speed up the development process and empowers your vendor to deliver the project according to the industry best practices. This questionnaire can guide you when you kickstart the talent sourcing phase. You will likely get a hold of dozens of developers and outsourcing companies, so you need an application procedure to boil down the list of contenders to a few real prospects. Platforms like LinkedIn and Clutch are also good places to start your quest for a reliable offshore development partner. They are common search points for many international businesses looking to move their IT services to nearshore Eastern European locations.